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Student Research Projects

Applied mineralogy in the determination of polymetallic ores processing abilities and environmental issues related to mine wastes
Chopard, Aurélie, 2014

Physicochemical and microbiological reactivity assessment of a contaminated dredging sediment and evaluation of environmental management scenarios
Couvidat, Julien (affilié à l’INSA de Lyon), 2014

Monitoring water infiltration in an experimental mine waste rock pile with electrical resistivity tomography: validation of a construction concept
Dimech, Adrien, 2016

Use of constructed wetlands for treatment of acid mine drainage
Dufresne, Karine, 2014

Development of a constitutive model of material behavior for sensitive clay that includes incremental loading and consolidation
Dupuis, Carl, 2014

Performance evaluation of pilot-scale passive biochemical reactors for the treatment of mine drainage in cold climate
El Kilani, Mohamed-Ali, 2017

In situ stabilization of Joutel mine tailings (Abitibi, Canada) by adding alkaline and /or cementitious amendments
Elghali, Abdellatif, 2015

Development of experimental protocols to assess the consolidation of tailings under saturated and unsaturated conditions
Essayad, Karim, 2014

Study of the Behavior of the Interface between Tailings and Waste Rock Inclusions
Essayad, Karim, 2016

Evaluation of the performance of cover systems for the rehabilitation of abandoned mine tailings storage facilities
Ethier, Marie-Pier, 2014