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Evaluation of potential use of calamine hydrometallurgical wastes as construction building materials

The reuse of solid wastes as secondary raw materials (SRM) in building construction is currently a promising environmental alternative. This route aims to overcome the environmental impact of these tailings by reducing their volumes and simultaneously lead to the conservation of non-renewable natural resources extensively used as construction materials (limestone, clay soil, etc.)... This recycling way allows producing materials which meet the norms and standards of construction and building material as well as the environmental law requirements. In this perspective, the wastes produced by calamine hydrometallurgical plant of MANAGEM located in Morocco, will be investigated to study their potential reuse to substitute clay in the manufacture of red clay bricks. The related process, based on a thermal treatment of raw materials at a temperature ranging between 900 and 1100°C, will enable to fix the toxic metals bearing calamine wastes within the partially vitrified matrix of sintered clay bricks.

After a fine and multidisciplinary materials characterization, calamine wastes will be introduced into red clay bricks at different mass proportions. This study involves an evaluation of manufactured bricks by measuring their physical, chemical, mechanical and environmental properties.

The influence of sintering temperature, heating rate, soaking time and the grain size of the mixtures on the properties of clay bricks will be investigated in comparison to reference bricks.

This study will develop a decision-making tool and a guidance document for the valuation of hydrometallurgical wastes, in general , considering their physical, chemical and mineralogical properties.

Taha, Yassine


Directors: Mostafa Benzaazoua, UQAT, Mohammed Mansori, Cadi Ayyad University

Co-director: Rachid Hakkou, Cadi Ayyad University

Program: Ph.D.